Hotblade - Handcrafted Putters & Wedges by Tad Moore
The Hotspot range offers fantastic hotblade performance at an affordable price. The CNC milled aluminium face offers great feel and the 4 styles with varying inertias ensure every golfers preference and ability can be catered for. Already a fantastic selling range you can be a part of this success story simply by choosing you which model is your favourite.

By using revolutionary CNC micro milling techniques the Tempo range epitomises Hotblades quest for putting perfection. Featuring 303ss Chosen for its austenitic (soft) qualities, compromising predominately of 18% chromium and 8% stainless Nickel. 18% chromium enables the material machined and highly polished 8 % nickel gives a soft feel and maximises the CNC capabilities. A bespoke grip offers textured, soft feel, vibration dampening, anti-rotation grips makes even off centre strikes feel solid and go straight. The circular pattern CNC’ed into the face removes small particles of moisture and grit from the impact zone of the putter. The intertwining circles also create 7 subtle lines to improve roll off the putter face.
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